4 Easy Projects to Add to Your 2015 Roofing Checklist

The start of the year is the perfect time to start planning new projects for your home—your roof, especially. Here are four things you can do for your roofing in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas to put at the top of your 2015 checklist:

1. Find and fix roof leaks. Leaks are one of the most common problems homeowners experience with their roofs. They cause stains on your ceiling and walls and contribute to the weakening of your home’s overall structure. Even the smallest leak can eventually turn into a bigger problem for your roofing system, so it’s best to fix it early on.

Watch out for any holes, damp spots, dark stains, and peeling paint along the roof. Patching up minor leaks will only take a few minutes. For bigger, more complex leaking problems, ask the help of a professional roofer.

2. Replace failed flashing. The flashing is the metal sheet placed over the roof joints, such as the chimney, pipes, adjoining walls, and dormers. It is typically made of aluminum or steel. Rusted, missing, or loosened flashing is a primary culprit behind roof leaks. If your flashing has failed, your roofer can either apply roofing cement to seal the leaks or replace the flashing to prevent further damage.

3. Remove roof stains. Those nasty-looking dark spots on your shingles can be a sign of mold or algae infestation. They can mess up the appearance of your roof and ruin the overall appeal of your home. Fortunately, getting rid of mold or algae spots is easy. Simply spray wash your roof with a cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer of your asphalt shingles. Don’t use a pressure washer as it can damage the shingles.

4. Inspect gutters. We cannot stress enough how important gutters are to your home. They direct rainwater away from your roof and walls. For them to perform this vital function, they need to be properly secured. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be any debris or holes in them. Check for loosened or rusting spikes and hangers, holes, as well as leaves, branches, and other types of debris that have accumulated inside the gutters.

We love the new year here at AquaDuct Roof and Gutters! We’ll help you check off each item on your roofing checklist by providing high-quality services for your gutters and roofing in Colorado Springs CO and surrounding areas. Give us a call today to receive a free quote and let’s discuss all the things we can do to improve your gutters and roof in 2015.