Adapt Fire Prevention through Gutter Protection

Wildfires are apparently normal occurrences during the hot and dry season, especially in the countryside or vast woodland areas. They can easily ignite anything along the way, especially dry vegetation. They are some of the most serious natural disasters because they can spread quickly and are extremely hard to put out.

Homeowners should thus make it a point to adapt fire prevention techniques to protect their property. Combustible materials should be put away during these times because embers from wildfires can be carried by wind and easily land on their backyard. Know that these ‘fire-starters’ can travel fast and are hard to put out once they ignite. It pays to be extra cautious, such as this Colorado citizen, as reported by

A wildfire burning in Huerfano County is 100% contained, and all evacuations for the Blackhawk subdivision have been lifted.

The fire may have burned more than 30 acres.

Firefighters said it took more than fire crews to battle the flames.

Ray Ryan lives near where the fire happened. He said fire prevention projects helped his home survive the fire.

“We have to remove fuels from buildings and structures or we are going to lose them, and then the fire department can’t come in here and defend,” he said.

Lt. Jeff Williams works for the Salvation Army. He said if the firefighters don’t eat or drink, they won’t have enough energy to battle the fire.

“They have their work to do, and we have to keep them hydrated and well fed so they can do what they need to do,” he said.

Like this vigilant person, every homeowner, especially those living in wildfire-prone areas like Denver, should invest in fire prevention projects, such as installing seamless gutters in Denver to prevent dried leaves, twigs and plant overgrowth from accumulating on the gutters.

For installation, trust a certified installer like AquaDuct Roof and Gutters. We are the most trusted contractors for gutter repair in Denver as well as for all your roofing needs. By installing the best protection for your gutters, you can make your fire prevention efforts even more effective.

(Article Excerpt from Four Mile Canyon Fire at 100% containment, evacuations lifted, KRDO, June 1, 2014)