AquaDuct Roofing: Signs of a Poorly Installed Roof

The roof is a basic structural component of a home and should be able to do its job properly—to protect you and all that you value. However, even if you invested in a top-quality roofing system, you will still have a lot of problems if your roof is improperly installed. Especially with the sporadic weather conditions we have here in Denver, a poorly installed roof can actually cause major leaks and even threaten the structural integrity of your home.

So how can you determine if your roof was poorly installed? AquaDuct Roof & Gutters, the top roofing contractor in Denver, brings you this list of things to look out for to make sure that your roof is done right:

Incorrect Nailing. Each nail used to fasten the shingles to the decking should always be properly driven—if a nail is overly or underdriven, this could damage the shingle. Each shingle should be secured by a minimum of four roofing nails and should be spaced evenly. If you are living in high-wind areas, you might need to use six nails per strip.

Sliding, Misplaced, or Missing Shingles. Shingles that are loose or missing means that these were not properly nailed or they did not have enough sealant when they were attached onto the decking. The shingles should be properly nailed and sealed so that they will not be easily blown off or displaced during high winds. Each shingle should also be properly placed on the decking for the roof to be truly effective.

No Underlayment or Flashing. These two components of your roofing system are important parts in the roofing scheme of things. The underlayment provides an extra barrier of protection so that any water or moisture seeping between the shingles will be blocked, preventing damage to your decking. The flashing is a sheet of thin metal that is installed where sections of the roof join, around vents and chimneys, and around other obstructions.

Gutters Not Securely Fastened. A gutter that is not securely attached to the fascia can cause rainwater to easily spill over the gap between the fascia and the gutter. This can cause serious aesthetic and structural damage, as water can seep into your exterior walls or siding, your basement, and even the foundation of your house.

If you encounter any of these problems on your roof, the best thing to do is to call licensed and insured roofing professionals that could help you install your roof properly. Among all Denver roofing companies, AquaDuct Roof & Gutter has all the qualities of a true pro—with well experienced and trained roofers. Just give us a call to have your roofin