Are You Getting The Best Gutters for Your Home?

When a product is found to be defective and can cause harm of any kind to the user, product recalls should be the next step – in which case the manufacturer is required to offer options on how to compensate the customer.

This, however, can relatively damage a company’s image and may cause customers to lose their trust. Still, recalls have to be done to prevent even more problematic issues from occurring. Here is an example, from an article posted by

In the largest of the Ford recalls Thursday, the company is calling back 915,000 Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner small SUVs to fix a problem with a torque sensor within the steering column. The problem could cause loss of power-assisted steering, making the SUVs more difficult to control and increasing the risk of a crash, Ford says.

The company recommends one of three fixes: replacing the sensor, updating software or replacing the steering column. The recall affects model year 2008 through 2011 vehicles built between Aug. 18, 2006 and Sept. 11, 2010.

Similar to cars, some products or materials like the ones used in home improvement projects may seem like they are doing their job well until they start to break down. Many simply claim to be reliable but can’t back up those words. Therefore, it is best to hire a company with a reputation for installing high-quality gutters in Colorado Spring CO to prevent any possibility of failure.

We at AquaDuct Roof and Gutters in Colorado Springs, for example, provide solutions to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating therefore eliminating the chances of water backlogs and pest infestation. You will never need to worry about gutter problems anymore because we can assure you that with us, you will only get the best materials from the best manufacturers. For instance, we are proud to install the Leaf Relief® brand of gutter covers, which are designed to limit the need for cleaning.

(Article Excerpt from Ford Issues Recalls Affecting 1.3M Vehicles, KKTV, May 30, 2014)