CertainTeed Integrity Roofing System™: A Quality Roof System

Is your roof more than 10 years old? Has your roof been damaged by severe weather during the course of the year? If your roof is showing any signs of leaks or water stains, worn or damaged shingles, or severe weather damage, it may be time for a new roof. As a CertainTeed certified roofing contractor in Denver, we at AquaDuct Roof & Gutters can provide you with the new top-quality roof that your home needs.

The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System™ can offer you the best protection for your home and your family. As one of the best complete roof systems available, CertainTeed’s Integrity Roof System™ has parts that work together to provide you the performance you need from your roof. Take a look at what makes this system outstanding:

  • To create a complete look for your roof, accessory shingles will be installed to finish the hips and ridges. These shingles are designed to complement your CertainTeed shingled roof.
  • CertainTeed Shingles are available in a wide array of colors and styles, all of which are covered by strong warranties from CertainTeed. For flat roofs, Flintlastic® roll is available.
  • To ensure a superior underlayment for your shingles, you can go with Roofers’ Select™ or Diamond Deck™ underlayment. Both of these products can provide a protective, water-resistant layer to protect the roof deck, and can act as a secondary line of defense against leaks.
  • For areas vulnerable to torrential rain and ice dams, we can install WinterGuard™ underlayment to prevent leaks under harsh weather conditions.
  • Lastly, the starter shingles for this roof system are designed to work hand-in-hand with the various shingles that CertainTeed offers for the best performance.

Now that you have an idea of what a superior roof system can do, it’s time you call AquaDuct Roof & Gutters, the preferred choice among Denver roofing companies, to help you install this system. A new roof can provide better protection for you and your family. For more information on quality roofing systems, contact AquaDuct Roof & Gutters today.