Colorado Springs Roofing: Best Gutter Solutions for Ice Dam Buildups

Homeowners in regions subjected to significant amounts of snowfall each year often have to worry about the potential for ice dam formation on roofing systems during winter. In essence, an ice dam traps water on your roof and leaves it with no exit route but through the underlying roofing structure. An article for provides tips on dealing with ice dam formation to prevent roof damage.


An ice dam can form when water from melting snow re-freezes at the edge of your roofline. Without roof snow removal, the ice dam may grow large enough to prevent water from draining off the roof. The water can then back up underneath the roof shingles and make its way inside your home.

Winter is now making its presence felt in Colorado Springs, a city that experiences above average snowfall every winter. At 41.1 inches of snowfall each year, there is no doubt that cases of roof damage as a result of ice dam formation will be heard of come early spring. Many homeowners have since learned their lessons and have decided to prepare for the likelihood of blizzards, the number one triggers for ice dam formation. The article offers the following tips:

Use a roof rake to clear the first three to four feet of snow from your roof immediately after each winter storm to prevent ice dams from forming. While the amount of snow and ice that your roof can handle may vary depending on a number of factors such as the roof type, age and condition of the structure, a good rule of thumb is if there is more than a foot of heavy, wet snow and ice on your roof, you should try to have it removed.

The idea is to provide as much passage for water toward the catch basin as necessary. Though largely doable in theory, this task is not something you would want to perform regularly out in the freezing cold. If you want a more permanent solution, carefully plan to replace your roof with metal roofing in Colorado Springs, which is more resistant to snow buildup. One you’ve got a metal roof with an adequate slope in place, snow can simply slide away.

However, if you have no plans of replacing your roofing system yet you also would rather not risk life and limb simply to rake snow off your roof, you can hire a reliable Colorado Springs roofing company like Aqua Duct Roof & Gutters to remove that snow buildup for you. Such companies employ highly trained professionals who can safely and thorough remove snow and ice buildup, and thereby minimize leaks and roof damage.

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