Colorado Springs Roofing Contractors Can Help Fix Damages as Hail Storm Hits Omaha

Colorado Springs Roofing Contractors Can Help Fix Damages as Hail Storm Hits OmahaA strong hail storm hit the Western Omaha metro area, resulting in extensive damages to roofs, skylights, cars, and many more. Moreover, hail damage that pummeled Sarpy and Douglas Counties was just a small part of a larger storm that paralyzed transportation systems in Western Nebraska and caused damages to some buildings in the University of Nebraska, as well. Interstate 80, as well as the overall stretch of Kearney to the Wyoming border was shut down until mid-morning.

The storm did not spare the life of a woman from Panhandle, who perished after abandoning her car that got stuck in the snow. Luckily for her teenage son, who set out to look for her, was found alive while seeking refuge in an abandoned farmhouse. As the hail storm caused damages to establishments, the services of a reputable Colorado Springs roofing company was needed to help fix the damages.

A resident of Omaha, Scott Farkas, said that the hailstorm sounded like a machine gun firing especially when the stones began to hit his house, which is located at the 144th and Blondo streets. It got so bad that he actually heard a huge popping sound which led him to think that light bulbs outside started bursting.

Hailstones had broken the skylight material in his bathroom, and he found stones larger than golf balls scattered across the hallway on the second floor of his home. “I found it amazing that upon walking up there I find hail at the top of the steps”, he added. As he failed to contact a contractor right away to fix the damage, him and his family just laid out buckets, pails and towels, to collect any rain drops that may enter.

Hails storms like these are also common in other states such as Colorado Springs. Fortunately, there are professional and reliable roofing contractors such as AquaDuct Roof and Gutters that owners can call upon to repair any damages brought about by this harsh weather condition.

Furthermore, Colorado Springs, CO roofing companies are set up to deal with all kinds of roofing problems whether its repairing damages caused by extreme weather conditions, replacing an old roof, and a lot more.