Denver Roofers Advise Homeowners: Prepare Your Roofs for Spring

The month of March has arrived, but Denver remains cold. It seems that the trend of slushy roads will still continue, but the area accumulated less than expected –a clear sign that springtime will soon be here. The Denver Post reports on the area’s climate:

Denver got another dose of precipitation overnight, leaving the roads wet and slushy in some spots for the Wednesday morning commute.

Denver weather forecasters with the National Weather Service predicted the possibility for 3 to 5 inches of accumulation overnight, but Denver saw less than that.

“Everything was kind of all over the place,” Scott Entrekin, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said.

Entrekin said the precipitation started as rain, then switched to a wet snow overnight.

Denver roofing contractors advise residents that many possible problems are likely to come up due to the heavy snow. The attic is a good place to start, but do only if you know how to perform the inspection safely. Use a bright flashlight to inspect for signs of moisture and watch your step.

Denver weather image

Another piece of advice from roofing contractors in Denver is to fix missing or damaged shingles on your roof. Gutters are also another area to inspect as you can already clean these downspouts and clogged areas once the weather’s dry. Water damage is a serious threat for your roof, so make sure to address this issue a few days before spring kicks in. However, it’s ideal that you contact professionals like Aqua Duct Roofing to handle these jobs, as they could pose safety risks.

The winter is a tough season for homeowners, but the real home inspection season starts immediately after it. Right at the first few days of spring, inspect your roof and other parts of the home for the necessary repair and maintenance work.

(Article excerpt from  Denver weather: Roads wet, slushy in spots after overnight snow,, March 5, 2014)