Denver Roofers Do a Better Job of Patching up Leaky Asphalt Roofs

Most roofing systems in the United States are made of built-up asphalt shingles. While popular for its beauty, asphalt roofing nonetheless weathers easily, sustains damage that requires immediate repair, and lasts only for 15 to 18 years. Christopher Jurin’s article for illustrates the steps involved in repairing damaged asphalt roofing systems with a view to patching up possible sources of leaks for good.


The first step in repairing your built-up asphalt roof system after you have located the source of the roof leak is to clean the surface of the roof to allow you to apply the patch directly to the surface of the membrane. This is a critical step and will ensure that your patch adheres properly to the surface of the roof and not to the dirt or stone that is on or imbedded in the surface of the roof.

The final step is to cement the fabric patch. Utilize the trowel to apply a bed of asphalt flashing cement to the surface of the roof. The flashing cement should be applied at a uniform rate over the surface of the area to be patched exceeding the entire area where the cotton fabric will be applied. […]

Leaks on your roof no doubt need to be repaired to minimize the effects of water damage and mold growth on the underlying structure and indoor spaces. Meanwhile, it is also possible that you may have to deal with leaks several times throughout the life of your asphalt roof. By observing the above tips, however, you can reduce the frequency of leaks. However, if the leak is worse than you expected, you might want to hire qualified Denver roofers to carry out prompt repairs and possible shingle replacement.

While it’s good to know what the process entails, repairing a leaky asphalt roof nonetheless requires more than mere theoretical knowledge and indeed entails professional training and skill. No matter how resourceful you may be, it will never do to risk your household’s health and safety by attempting DIY roof repairs. For more complex roof repair issues, you might want to turn to roofers from Colorado Springs and Denver companies like Aqua Duct who can perform thorough inspections and identify the appropriate solutions. Don’t leave anything to chance; tap the expertise of certified roofers who can do a more accurate job of repairing or replacing your roof.

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