Denver Roofing Companies Help Protect Homes from the Harshest Winters

Winter has always been the biggest problem faced by most homeowners, primarily because their expenses suddenly skyrocket around this season. Heating, cleaning, and even repair costs can take a huge chunk off household budgets, and things only get compounded when ice and snow are brought into the picture. To ease the pain, homeowners need to think about introducing better ventilation on their houses:

Harsh Winters

“Homeowners are practically inviting higher energy bills if there’s not what Jason Joplin, program manager of the Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence, calls “a continual flow of air to protect the efficiency of your attic’s insulation.”

Using materials of the highest quality, like Owens-Corning products, can give households the assurance that any improvement or repair they make will last a long time, and will be worth the initial costs. Because these industry pillars want to protect and maintain their reputation, they give certifications only to installers and building contractors who have met the necessary training and who themselves have the right reputation in the areas where they operate. Therefore, established Denver roofing companies, like AquaDuct Roof and Gutters, who have been licensed and certified by big industry names like Owens-Corning, CertainTeed, and similar manufacturers, are guaranteed to deliver the best possible service to their customers.

This is important because certain roofing materials and fixtures aren’t standard knowledge to all contractors. The installation of CertainTeed’s WinterGuard underlayment, for example, requires specific knowhow and techniques to be fully effective, including the right placement and material handling that an amateur will likely find difficult to do. Underlayment materials, in general, also require professional handling because a tiny tear or hole made during the installation process is all it takes for the entire system to be rendered faulty.

Likewise, there is no one-size-fits-all roofing system that can work for any home. All houses are different, which means their individual roofing needs are just as varied. It takes reputable roofing contractors from Colorado Springs, Peyton, and other areas to determine the kind of roofing treatments that will give a household the most appropriate protection from a harsh and cold Colorado winter.

(Article Information and Image from Cutting Your Energy Bills (With Help From Miley Cyrus?, KGNS-TV, January 08, 2014)