Denver Roofing Contractors May Receive An Increase in Service Requests After Hail Storm

Denver Roofing Contractors May Receive An Increase in Service Requests After Hail StormOn the morning of September 9th, 2013, Metro Denver was hit by a hail storm. “The hardest hit by the appeared to be an area near 26th Place in Wheatridge. It brought along a sense of winter, even as summer still hangs on,” KUSA-TV reports.

Shortly since the storm, residents have been busily shoveling heavy piles of hail around their homes and backyards, as well as repairing various property damages. “I’m going to keep cleaning. Make the most of what we can do,” says Jacob to KUSA-TV as he helps his father and brothers shovel hail. Amidst such drudging activity, it is anticipated that Denver roofing contractors will also receive an increase in service requests, considering the roofs are one of the most beaten-up part of the house after a severe weather system hits.

Storm damages on roofs can include missing and torn shingles, dilapidated flashing, as well as bruising or cracking of shingles caused by repeated hail impact. Sometimes, this weather system can also produce hailstones as big as 8 inches in diameter that can crack or even puncture the roofs on impact. These stones can break glass-roofed structures and also damage the aesthetics of metal roofs by creating dents and damaging coatings. Heavy storms can also produce ice dams, which cause roof leaks, rot, ruined insulation, mold, and structural problems.

While shovels and makeshift plows can help homeowners clear their backyards of hailstones, a roof replacement service seems to be the best option for fixing storm-damaged roofs. Replacement is recommended for roofs with leaks or water stains because these damages can lead to rot and mold. Roofs with ice dams, on the other hand, can be fixed by installing proper attic insulation and ventilation.

Roofing contractors also advise that homeowners should not attempt to remove hail or ice dams on rooftops on their own as this can be a dangerous and can only make the damage on the roof even worse. Instead, they should ask roofing experts that they can trust to do the task. AquaDuct Roofs and Gutters, a reliable Denver roofing contractor, is just one of these experts.

There are many roofers across Colorado who provide short-term and long-term solutions to storm-damaged roofs and preventing ice dams from forming again. The weather in Denver changes a lot throughout the year. It is best to secure roof systems before another hail storm hits the city. As KUSA-TV puts it, “A little practice for when winter comes early.”