Denver Roofing Contractors: Your Dependable Allies against Wind Damage

If you ever doubted the potential of high-gale winds to cause extensive damage, then this story from Kentucky may make you reconsider. The Cincinnati news network WCPO 9 recently reported about a wind storm that devastated a shopping center in Newport and tore off some parts of the roof while shoppers were inside. Capt. Matthew Pleiman of the Newport Fire Department was concerned that the damage was much worse than what the authorities initially thought:


While no one was injured by the falling pieces of ceiling, there were fears the strong winds that blew through the Tri-State for several hours Sunday would cause the entire roof to come down, according to Pleiman 

The fire chief said there were concerns that the building’s electrical wiring was damaged by the partial roof collapse. Pleiman said faulty wiring could have caused a fire.

This story is probably something most people in Denver can relate to, particularly those who still recall the massive wind storm that swept Colorado in October 2013 and caused power outages, damage to property, and extensive roof damage across the state. Roof damage as a result of strong winds can either be superficial or serious, yet some cases make it hard for ordinary homeowners to tell which is which. Rather than figure this problem out by themselves, homeowners would do well to contact reliable Denver roofing contractors—like AquaDuct Roof and Gutters, for instance—for immediate inspection and repairs.

Missing shingles normally serve as an indicator that the roof isn’t strong enough to withstand storm winds. However, a small-scale replacement job may not be enough because there is also a good chance that the rest of the shingles may have been damaged to the point that they also need to be replaced. On the other hand, insurance adjusters are always on the lookout for missing shingles that may indicate that a roof is already past its intended service life and therefore warrants less insurance coverage.

Cracks and leaks found in gutters after a wind storm are more noticeable signs of wind damage, although they still command the same priority as replacing missing roof shingles. The damage may not only cause the entire gutter system to fall apart but also make it more difficult to repair the individual cracks and holes without reinstalling the entire system. Fortunately, you can count on reputable roofing contractors in Denver like AquaDuct Roof and Gutters that are certified in various installation techniques for a wide range of roofing products.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Rio Grande, Newport Plaza roof damaged by powerful winds, WCPO Cincinnati, November 18, 2013)