Denver Roofing Problems and Frequently Asked Questions

Now that summer’s here, Denver residents are most probably going to have some difficulties keeping their home in good condition. As mornings will be hot and dry while afternoons are going to be cold and wet in the area, homeowners will surely encounter roofing problems such as leaks and poor insulation.

A Denver roofing contractor, AquaDuct Roof & Gutters, answers some of our FAQs:

1. What are the common roofing problems most homeowners encounter during summers?

AquaDuct: Denver summers are rather patchy. Especially during June and July, roofs usually have to endure alternating temperature drops and rises and storms and hails like in this news article:

A cold front slipped into eastern Colorado early Wednesday and brought cooler, but more humid air into the region. Temperatures stayed about 10 degrees lower across the plains during the afternoon, but with more moisture in the atmosphere, the rain chances have been much higher.

Thunderstorms began to build by mid afternoon over the I 25 Corridor and increased in strength and intensity over the eastern plains through early evening. There is enough instability in the air for some of the storms to reach severe levels with large hail and damaging winds possible.

This kind of weather would definitely weaken our roof faster. We usually encounter missing and torn shingles or damaged flashing, which lead to leaks and water stained ceilings.

2. If there’s a leak, do I have to replace my entire roof at once?

AquaDuct: It depends on how bad the leak is. If it’s just in one small section of the roof, then it just needs a minor repair. But if the leak is recurring and it covers a large part of the roof, you should replace it entirely.

3. Can I do my roofing work by myself, or should I contact Denver roofing contractors?

Aquaduct: Unless you’re an expert yourself, it is always wiser to let the pros do the job for a number of reasons. First, most roof manufacturers will provide a warranty only to certified contractors. For instance, we at AquaDuct Roof & Gutters, are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. Second, fixing your own roof is quite dangerous as it really requires expertise as well as all the proper equipment that a roofer should have.

(Article Excerpt from Strong storms possible through 10PM,, June 4, 2014)