Denver’s Sporadic Weather Would Easily Deteriorate Roofs

Summer in Denver means mild to hot temperatures in the mornings and cloudy to rainy afternoons. The reason behind such a sporadic weather pattern is because the Mile High city is located within the semi-arid, continental climate zone. That is why, even though it is summer, weather forecasters all over the city normally report heavy rain such as this:

DENVER – Sure felt like summer-time Friday with 90s across the plains and some in the metro area.  This was the warmest day of the year so far for Denver.  This heat will become typical in another month or so.

Also typical, daily chances for thunderstorms.  Although the rain chance shifts a bit day-to-day, we are in a pattern that expects at least isolated storms each afternoon and evening.

The chance is quite small for them now though, and the chance ends past midnight.  The night will be mostly clear with temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s.  A strong breeze at times tonight may be a bit of a drawback for some areas.

A warm start to Saturday for sure.  However, the afternoon won’t be as warm as Friday’s.  Highs will range through the lower 80s with a better chance for afternoon storms in the Denver area and Plains.

This irregular Denver weather will definitely cause problems to most homeowners. The sudden increase in temperature combined with heavy rains and strong winds can easily deteriorate roofs; and a weather-beaten roof might have leaks and an unreliable home insulation system. Denver roofing companies in the region will all say the same thing: get your roof fixed now before further problems arise.

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(Article Excerpt from Denver and Colorado Forecast,, June 3, 2014)