Expertise Of Denver Roofing Companies Required After Skydiving Accident

Expertise Of Denver Roofing Companies Required After Skydiving AccidentAccording to police reports, a skydiver who crash landed onto the roof of a home on Florentine Drive is now in stable condition. The 31-year old man was assisted by Longmont firefighters who used a backboard and a bucket truck to bring him down to the ground safely, as a crowd of bystanders and neighbors watched curiously. Although the man’s injuries were not life threatening, the roof that he fell on suffered serious damages, which only top Denver roofing companies are able to repair.

The man was taken to the Longmont United Hospital for treatment and was scheduled for surgery to treat his left leg, which sustained fractures below the knee when he crashed. The owners of the home were not there during the time of the incident, which left a big gaping hole on the roof. A neighbor cited, “I was working outside when I heard a huge bang, just like plywood was snapping”.

A woman who was driving in the area saw the skydiver hit the roof and ran to the home only to see the man trying to find a way down himself. Her and a neighbor told him repeatedly not to get off the roof. David Kennedy, a Longmont police officer, said that strong winds may have contributed to blowing the man off course, resulting to his inadvertent crash on the roof.

Ron Graham, a Longmont Fire Captain estimated that the whole operation, which includes first aid and removing the man from the roof, did not take more than 15 minutes to complete. “The overall response by the rescue team was good and they did a wonderful job”, he added. The man’s spouse and family were grateful to the witnesses, who saw him in the neighborhood, and the excellent rescuers who helped get him down.

Although firefighters covered the hole with a tarp as a temporary solution, the state of the damages mean that professional and comprehensive repair by contractors such as Aqua Duct Roof and Gutters are needed in this situation. Accidents like these highlight the importance of Colorado Springs roofing contractors as they are the ones with the capability of conducting roof repair services.