Fortifying Gutters and Other Parts of the Home Against Wildfire

While wildfires are common to the West, that does not mean property owners in Colorado have gotten comfortable about the risk of experiencing them. The good news is, residences and commercial buildings can fortify their structures against such an eventuality through efficient and simple fire-deterrent strategies.Why homes are lost to wildfire ImageResearch physical fire scientist Jack Cohen, in an interview with High Country News, enlisted steps property owners can employ to reduce the chance of encountering – and falling prey to – wildfire:

You don’t have to eliminate fire from your property completely, but you have to keep flames from contacting your structure and you have to keep firebrands from having high ignition potential when they land on your house – because they will… All flammable things need to be swept away from your house at least about five feet… Make sure fire on the surface can’t easily burn up [trees] and torch out, because that creates firebrands close to the house. I highly encourage hardwoods around the structure as a shield, they… don’t support high-intensity fire, and can become a… radiation barrier.

To that end, property owners should look to the first initial defense their structures have from contacting and spreading fire: their roofing systems. Keeping the gutters in Colorado Springs as well as in houses in Denver, Peyton, Castle Rock and Pueblofree of clutter, for instance, goes a long way in not adding fuel to any fire that may start.When there is less accumulation of fallen leaves and debris, properties are more protected from fire-building risks.

Expert advice from trusted contractors such as AquaDuct Roofs & Gutters can also advise clients on efficiently keeping their gutter systems debris-free.Offering superior gutter installation in Denver and the surrounding areas – as well as other solutions – sucha companyfeatures extensive knowledge that is critical to arming residential and commercial property owners and managers in fortifying their structures from wild fires.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Why homes are lost to wildfire,