Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair

Pictures103010 018Homeowners frequently contact AquaDuct Roof and Gutters for seamless gutter repair in Denver, wondering why their gutters are dripping. There are several indicators that gutters need professional attention.

  • If you notice rust on portions of the gutter trough or downspouts, water will eventually leak through the holes. It’s time to plan for gutter replacement in Colorado Springs.
  • Sometimes low-quality sealants will cause gutters to leak prematurely at corners, end pieces or downspouts.
  • If you notice gutters that sag or pull away from the fascia board, water will not be able to drain out of the gutters properly. We can reattach and adjust them so water flows freely.
  • Oftentimes gutters will appear to be leaking due to clogs that cause water to flow over the edge. If this is the case, a simple cleaning will usually solve the problem.

3 Common Gutter Repairs in Denver

Gutters play a vital role in protecting other parts of your home from devastating water damage. The condition of your foundation, soffits and fascia, driveway, sidewalks, plants and landscaping will all be affected for better or worse. That’s why when your gutters don’t perform properly, it’s important to take care of gutter repair swiftly and professionally. The following common repairs will keep gutters working effectively.

Patching a hole. If we find a small hole in a gutter and the remainder of your gutter system doesn’t require replacement, we can patch the hole using roofing cement. For a larger hole, we will clean the surface around the hole, cover it with a large piece of metal flashing and seal the flashing using roofing cement.

Fixing leaky joints. Over time, the joint connecting two pieces of guttering or at a corner can loosen and cause sealants to crack. In this case, gutter repair is very similar to the method used to repair a hole. The adjoining metal sections are cleaned and glued with roofing cement.

Adjusting sagging gutters. Older-style gutters may have been attached using a spike-and-ferrule system, but spikes can loosen and pull out, causing the gutter to sag and overflow. We can replace spikes and adjust the gutter so that there is a slight peak in the middle, which causes water to move quickly into downspouts.

Prevent Gutter Cleaning with Proven Gutter Protection

If you have large trees near your home or experience a large volume of build-up in your gutters every year, we offer Leaf Relief® gutter protection, proven to be one of the most effective ways to prevent clogged gutters.

Call AquaDuct for Expert Gutter Repair in Denver

If you need gutter repair in Denver, AquaDuct can help. Call us today at (719) 390-7663! If repairs aren’t feasible, we can also provide a quote on gutter replacement in Colorado Springs. For 40 years, we’ve provided professional gutter services for homeowners in Denver, Colorado Springs, Peyton, Castle Rock and Pueblo. For more information on our service areas, kindly visit our Contact Us page.