Hiring Dependable Denver Roofing Companies for Metal Roofing Systems

Denver, nicknamed as the “Mile-High City”, experiences four seasons with notably minimal precipitation throughout the year. It has about 300 days of sunshine in a year with July being the average hottest month and December as the coldest. That being said, such a fluctuation of temperatures and weather conditions will surely take its toll on all roofing systems.

Metal RoofingRoofs deteriorate over time, which generally calls for costly repairs or replacement. Conducting roof inspection proves to be a wise move as it allows you to assess the condition of your current roof, and possibly protect it against harsh weather conditions. Though you can save a lot by doing the roof inspection yourself, nothing is better than handing the task over to reputable roofing contractors in Colorado Springs like AquaDuct Roof and Gutters.

Reliable roofers only suggest the best materials for homeowners, and one of which include metal as it offers a lot of advantages for any residential and commercial structure. The convenience it delivers and its distinct appeal make it a valuable investment. If there’s one big reason why metal roofs are all the rage, it’s because it is almost maintenance-free, not to mention budget-friendly.

Going Green
Metal roofs pose no harm to the environment as they are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life. As opposed to the misconception that it absorbs heat, metal roofs are highly regarded for their high reflectivity.

Advantages of Applying Coatings
Attics nowadays have been topped with metal roofs to reduce the heat that gets into it and cut back on cooling costs by 10% to 25%. To ensure optimum performance, roof coatings are also applied as soon as they are installed. An article from Facilities.net reiterates why you must not overlook this roof treatment:

Sheet metal systems coated with highly reflective surfaces and designed with insulation and ventilation also can provide considerable cost savings for heating and cooling. Roof surfaces also should have high emissivity ratings to allow solar energy and heat to dissipate quickly.

Innovative cool roof coatings for metal roofs have moderate to highly reflective surfaces over a range of colors — not just white — and some engineered coatings can increase the emissivity of the metal roof surface.

True enough, metal roofing systems have become a viable option for cost-effective housing. Consider having your roof inspected now to amend existing problems you might not be aware of. Dependable Denver roofing companies such as AquaDuct Roof and Gutters can help you make a wise decision.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Benefits of Metal Roofing, FacilitiesNet)