Let AquaDuct Inspect Your Denver Seamless Gutters After the Storm

Storms can sometimes become devastating that they leave people homeless, or cause damages in different parts of houses including the gutters. If you happen to be using our Denver seamless gutters or other types of gutter, and is now damaged from the storm, don’t file an insurance claim just yet! Instead, let AquaDuct Roof & Gutters conduct a thorough inspection of your gutters and save yourself from all the hassle of claiming for insurance.

In order to give you an extensive and comprehensive report on the possible damages, we offer a free video inspection on your gutters that will help you make an informed decision, as well as determine if you should file for an insurance claim or not. We will check every single section of your gutter system and capture even the smallest detail that will help us give a fair and sound assessment and evaluation. Our qualified technicians and gutter experts will determine the extent of the damages and give an advice if they can still conduct repairs or if a complete replacement is in order.

Filing for an insurance claim may potentially be taxing, especially when you and your family are still in the process of picking up the pieces and trying to bring back normalcy in your lives. You need to assess the damage and obtain three written proposals from storm damage contractors before you can request for an insurance adjuster to examine your gutters and determine the value of your claim. Although some damages caused by storm require extensive repairs or perhaps, replacements, which can be covered by insurance, there are some that can be fixed immediately, without too much hassle.

We repair different kinds of gutter damages, storm-related or not, and we do it professionally. We patch small to medium-sized holes using professional-grade gutter sealants to stop gutter leaks, whereas for bigger holes, we clean the surrounding area and cover it with metal patches. For leaky joints, we clean and glue the adjoining metal sections that have separated or cracked due to wear and tear. For older houses that utilize old-school spike-and-ferrule gutters, we replace the spikes and make the necessary adjustments to keep them from sagging and overflowing, which is the common in these types of gutter systems.

We also carry the Leaf Relief gutter protection systems that prevent clogging caused by falling leaves and debris. So don’t call your insurance company without talking to one of AquaDuct’s expert staff. Check out www.AquaDuctRoofing.com to know more about quality repairs, maintenance, and gutter replacement in Colorado Springs.