Questions About Gutters? This FAQ Article Can Help You Out

Your gutters in Colorado Springs play the important role of directing runoff water away from the roof and the foundation of your house. Keeping your gutters in good condition can help you keep the roof and your exterior in good condition.

Because of the importance of this component of the roof, homeowners tend to have a few questions regarding gutters. We at AquaDuct Roof & Gutters have prepared this FAQ for your convenient reference:

Q: How can I tell if my gutters are working properly?

A: Water spilling and leaks from the gutters, water getting into places where it shouldn’t, such as the soffits and fascia, are among common indicators that your gutters aren’t functioning properly.

Q: How can I maintain clog-free gutters?

A: Regular cleaning is one way to help you keep your gutters in good working order. Consider installing a gutter protection system that can help keep debris out.

Q: What’s the right size for my downspouts?

A: Now this is very important. The size of the downspouts determines how much water is drained to the ground. You may want to consider consulting with a professional contractor, such as AquaDuct Roof & Gutters, so that your roof can be measured for the right downspout size.

Q: What is causing ice dams to form?

A: Gutters not performing properly can cause ice dams to form. The runoff rainwater that gets clogged due to debris can freeze in winter, eventually causing ice dams which can damage the roof.

Q: What gutter protection system should I use?

A: Consider installing the LeafRelief® gutter protection system. Our experts at AquaDuct Roof & Gutters can answer any questions regarding the LeafRelief® gutter protection system.

We hope that this FAQ has helped answer your questions about your gutters. For quality gutter installation in Denver or for more information about gutters, give the experts on gutters, AquaDuct Roof & Gutters, a call today.