Redesign your Patio to Add Life to Your Outdoors

During springs and summers, the patio becomes the favorite place of the house for most families. It is a place where people can bask in the calming air while reading a good book or spending a lazy afternoon with loved ones. The Denver Post writes:

“The patio can become a second living room,” said Laurie Jekel, owner of The Last Detail design shop. “The patio should be an extension of the house, very homey, decorated much as you would an interior.”

And whether it’s a porch or a patio, gardening in containers will add color and life.

For a sequestered patio that she designed for a historic house in central Denver, Jekel planted large ceramic containers with plants that can cope with spring cold, even snow.

The homeowners enjoy their stately terrace for coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, family dinners and parties for friends. Complete with flagstone underfoot, a large stone fireplace and plenty of comfortable furniture, the patio is a tranquil courtyard.

Gardens, including those confined to containers, should engage the five senses, Jekel said: “You want to see it, feel it, smell it, taste it and hear it. I like water features on a porch or patio. They’re soothing, and that’s what we all need.”

However, building the patio of your dreams would require your time, effort, imagination, and of course, money. The first you have to consider is if you have enough space in your backyard. Planning the garden around the patio is essential to provide the perfect ambience. Once you’re done with the building and planting process, you can add accents into the space. To complete the entire ensemble, match the whole “feel” of the patio with the windows, patio door, siding, and roofing of the main house. This way, it creates a sense of harmony throughout your home’s exterior design. You can always contact a professional regarding this matter, like expert Denver roofers who can easily provide you with a roof that will perfectly fit your home’s entire look.

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(Article Excerpt from Outdoor Serenity: Add Life to your Yard,, May 16, 2014)