Roofing Parts 101: Focus on the Soffit and the Fascia

Your roof occupies a huge area of your property. It consists of numerous parts with specific functions that are vital to the overall structure of your home. Two of the most essential components of your roof are the soffit and fascia boards.

Expert Colorado Springs roofers from AquaDuct Roof and Gutters share some important information about your roof’s soffit and fascia to help you better care for them.

What are they, and where do you find them?

The fascia is the horizontal board attached to the roof’s edge. It supports the gutters. The soffit is the exposed underside of a roof eave. Located underneath the fascia, it bridges the gap between the edge of the roof and the wall of the house. (Unlike the roof itself, you can usually see them just fine from the ground, looking up.)

What are their roles in the roofing system?

The soffit often has small holes or vents that allow air to pass through and circulate inside the attic. It keeps the roof cool by flushing out heat and moisture in the attic before they cause damage to your roof’s rafters and sheathing.

The fascia board, on the other hand, protects the roof and the interior of the home from the elements. It blocks moisture to prevent the roofing system and the home’s foundation from weakening and rotting. It also functions as a trim to make the roof edges appear smooth and clean. Installed correctly and with the right colors, it can vastly improve your home’s curb appeal.

What are some of the problems you may encounter?

Faulty gutters are the cause of the most common fascia board issue: water damage. The fascia board can get soaked if your gutter has holes or is full of leaves and debris. Water can back up or overflow. Constant exposure to moisture may turn the board spongy and make it a likely breeding ground for mold and algae.

Similarly, water from leaky gutters can also cause the soffit to rot. Aside from this, nesting animals can find their way into the vents and chew away at the boards. Overgrown branches that are too close to the roof can also nick or puncture the soffit boards.

Never ignore water damage that shows up at the soffit and fascia!

While it is true that gutter problems are often the cause of the flaking paint and rotting wood on soffit and fascias, many times something much worse is going on…a roof leak higher up is letting water or ice into the overhang. Water runs downhill, so it just happens to show up at the gutters. In this case, the danger is that the roof leak (that looks like a gutter problem) is rotting the decking underneath the shingles where you can’t see. Fixing rotten decking is never easy, and almost always expensive.

Here’s a tip: now that you know what the soffit and fascia boards are, pay extra attention to them when you do regular checks on your roof. Get in touch with our licensed Denver roofers at the first sign of damage to avoid bigger problems and costly repairs or replacements.

We at AquaDuct Roof and Gutters know how important these often-overlooked roofing parts are. We can help you keep your roof in great shape through quality gutter and roofing services. Give us a call today for more information on roofing parts and maintenance.