Spring Is Coming: Time for a Gutter Check

Your gutters in Colorado Springs might not get a lot of work in during winter, but the coming thaw is the perfect time for a full gutter check. The generally pleasant conditions of spring will make the task much easier and will actually help you save more later on.

Below are several things that you need to watch out for:

Frozen Remnants

Any debris collected prior to winter, including leaves or branches, is probably still going to be in your gutters when all the ice finally melts again. Anything that is left there can potentially stall smooth water flow when rain starts pouring. That, in turn, can lead to water damage around the house. It’s easy to forget these kinds of things when the long winter months glaze over everything.

Temperature Stress

The cold of winter may have had an effect on your gutters, depending on the material (most likely metal). Sometimes it’s as simple as a little warping here or a dent there. Other times, it can cause weakness that might be a bigger problem later on. A thorough inspection is essential because it doesn’t cost much to ensure that you avoid bigger problems that may cost you more in the long run.


A word on leaks after winter: You might be tempted to see it as a sign of trouble, but it’s usually best to allow some time for any ice and snow to completely drip away as condensation will cause significant dripping anyway. So among the inspections that you make, reserve this for last so you can assess it more accurately.

To be absolutely sure you’re ready for spring, it helps to count on an expert to inspect your gutters for you. At AquaDuct Roof and Gutters, you can count on our years of experience in gutter assessment, gutter repair, and gutter installation in Denver to help you ensure that your gutters and home are ready for the approaching spring. Feel free to call us today.