Storm Damage: Calling a Roofer & Filing an Insurance Claim

If you live in an area where hail storms happen often, then you need to make sure your home is prepared, especially your roof. For instance, many people were caught off guard in Denver when a violent afternoon storm hit the area in late September, 2014. The hailstorm that slammed metro Denver was considered the eighth most expensive to have hit the state, according to The Denver Post.

After such harsh weather, you need to immediately conduct an inspection to gauge the damage that your roof incurred. Check your gutters, downspouts, and overall structure – better yet, contact your local Denver roofers for a thorough inspection. It was a busy season for a lot of insurance companies. Remember, before you contact your insurance company for a claim, it’s best to call your professional roofer first to know what to expect.

Call an Expert Contractor before Your Insurance Firm

Sometimes you are not sure whether you really need a roof replacement or if a simple repair will do. So it’s still best to call your local roofer for an expert opinion. Since insurance companies record inspection requests, you might be “red flagged” if you happen to file too many times. If this happens, it can get more difficult to file for a valid claim in the future.

Insurance Claim Procedure

Roofing companies and insurance claims can work together towards a quick and stress-free claims process. Let’s say you have homeowner’s insurance and your roof is terribly damaged, you can file a claim to have it replaced.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Upon filing an inspection request, an adjuster will set up an appointment to assess the damage. He will be compiling measurements, taking photographs and determining the cost of roof replacement.
  • The cost will be based on size, average material and labor costs in the area and your deductible.
  • Once your claim is granted, you will receive an update within a week or so by mail and sometimes a check to take care of the initial costs of hiring Colorado Springs roofers.
  • Roofing companies like AquaDuct Roof and Gutters work closely with insurance companies to keep costs fair and realistic.
  • Roofing prices are set by insurance companies.
  • Be cautious if someone offers to give back your deductible.
  • Find a contractor that will be honest and charge you the cost of your deductible.

Call a professional contractor first before your insurance company. It’s okay if you’re not sure whether you need a repair or replacement. Just give us a call at (719) 390-7663 and we’ll take care of the inspection.