The Effects of Global Warming on Your Home

Global Warming is felt all over the planet. One of its destructive effects is climate change and it’s creating stronger storms, droughts, and water shortages.

In the US, Global Warming has also become a major cause for concern as it’s affecting the whole country. This, according to a Federal report that has been released early this week:

WASHINGTON — The government’s newest national assessment of climate change declares that increased global warming is affecting every part of the United States.

The report released Tuesday cites wide and severe impacts:

• More drought and wildfires in Colorado and the Southwest.

• More sea-level rise, flooding, storm surges, precipitation and heat waves in the Northeast.

• Frequent water shortages and hurricanes in the Southeast and the Caribbean.

“For a long time, we have perceived climate change as an issue that’s distant, affecting just polar bears or something that matters to our kids,” said Katharine Hayhoe, a Texas Tech University professor and a co-author of the report. “This shows it’s not just in the future; it matters today. Many people are feeling the effects.”

The report said that droughts have been recorded in Colorado. But one of the known effects of climate change is the irregular weather patterns. Today we might be experiencing drought but in the coming months, we might come up against heavy rains.

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(Article Excerpt from “White House Report Says Climate Change Already Having Impact”, The Washington Post May 7, 2014)