Why You Should Use Gutter Protection on Your Gutters

Gutters are important to our homes. They collect rainwater and help divert it off our roofs and away from the rest of the house. Uncovered gutters, however, can also serve as a catch-all for unwanted objects: leaves, twigs, and dirt blown in by the wind or fallen from trees. Accumulated litter can clog your gutters and keep them from properly doing their job. It’s good if you have the habit of cleaning your gutters regularly. Unfortunately, most of us just don’t have the time.

A gutter protection system (or gutter guards) can reduce the time and effort you spend cleaning your gutters. Effective gutter guards prevent clogging by keeping litter out while still allowing water to pass through freely. They protect your gutters against unforgiving elements like hail and snow and keep ice dams (resulting from icicles) from forming. Installed properly, they can also inhibit pest activity and add strength and durability to your gutters.

Before you think of getting gutter replacement in Colorado Springs, it’s good to know the kinds of gutter protection systems you can install in your home:

  • Tension-type systems are helmets or covers placed over the gutters to block out litter.
  • Filter-types, usually in the form of bottle brushes or sponges, function as partial barriers (or ‘filters’) to prevent debris from entering.
  • Barrier-type systems can be made of mesh wire, plastic, or aluminum and are designed to keep out everything that isn’t rain.

When choosing gutter protection for your home, trust only an industry expert on seamless gutters in Denver.

AquaDuct Roof and Gutters installs the high-quality Leaf Relief gutter protection system, a patented tension-type cover that is mounted directly on top of your gutters. The cover is perforated to prevent your gutters from accumulating leaves, twigs, and snow while still letting water pass through. We back it with a 10-year “no clog” warranty!

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