Winter Can Be Damaging to Roofs, Say Roofing Contractors in Denver

winter-can-be-damaging-to-roofs-say-roofing-contractors-in-denverA blast of winter weather, including a mix of rain and snow, is expected to slap northeastern Colorado, including Denver, throughout the day Friday.

“A killing freeze is likely” according to the National Weather Service in Boulder.

Some areas in the mountains, north of Interstate 70 could see up to 18 inches of snow. Most mountain areas, however, will see a range of 6 to 12 inches, according the Weather Service. Parts of the northern foothills could receive about 5 to 10 inches of snow by Friday evening.

A rain-and-snow mix, along with strong winds, is expected over the northeastern plains.

With Denver’s fall season approaching its late stages, experienced Denver roofing contractors advise homeowners to check the condition of their home’s roofing system before the snow comes along. Many roofing experts agree that winter can be particularly brutal for roofing systems in the country, especially in colder areas that experience snowfall. This makes summer or fall the best time to prepare a roof for the winter season.

Snow can present many different problems for a home’s roofing system, which is the primary defense against precipitation. As snow accumulates atop a roof, the risk of it caving in increases due to the sudden surge in weight. This can be avoided by checking the condition of a roof’s support in the attic.

Pre-existing cracks and missing shingles should (respectively) be sealed and replaced before the onset of winter in order to prevent further structural damage to your roof. Water from melted snow can easily seep into exposed cracks or areas with missing shingles, and when the temperature returns to near freezing, the water turns into ice, causing cracks to grow larger. If left unattended for too long, this vicious cycle can easily create large holes in your roof, opening the way for leaks.

Ice dams are another problem roofs face during winter. Ice dams can prevent the water that your roof deflects from reaching your gutter system. When this happens, water will go to the only other available place to go: inside your home.

Clearing roofing systems of snow can be a difficult and dangerous task due to the slipperiness of ice and snow. As such, hiring trusted roofing contractors in Denver, such as Aqua Duct Roof and Gutters, might be a better option for preparing your roof for the upcoming winter season.

(Info from Blast of winter weather, including snow, to slap state’s northeast, The Denver Post, October 4, 2013)