Working with Top Denver Roofing Companies to Ensure the Best Results

A Rubber & Plastic News article posted last November 2013 reports that well-known roofing manufacturer GAF received NSF-ISO compliant Type III Environmental Product Declarations certification for some of its roofing products. The process was completed in preparation for the new LEED v4 green building rating subsequently launched by the US Green Building Council. “The standard seeks more transparency around the environmental and health impacts of building materials and products,” according to the article.


What this development means is that now more than ever, clients who work with GAF-certified roofing contractors can better ensure the safety of their households since such roofers use environmentally-friendly products and employ strict health and safety standards. A reputable Denver roofing contractor such as AquaDuct Roof and Gutters typically carries multiple and ongoing certifications from GAF and other trusted manufacturers such as CertainTeed, Simonton, Owens Corning, and others. Likewise, these contractors offer roofing warranties that benefit their clients in the form of free repairs or replacements in the event that the roofing tiles or shingles they installed fail to perform according to expectations.

In any case, roofing warranties should be considered carefully because they vary in length, coverage, duration, and other aspects most homeowners may overlook. Fortunately, top contractors are able to provide the best warranties, thanks to their partnerships with established roofing manufacturers. Whether it concerns regular maintenance work, repainting, and emergency repairs, you can count on a certified contractor to provide excellent service.

The service quality your chosen contractor can offer is useful not only for practical reasons, but more especially for those times when a roof inspector is scheduled to pay your home a visit. After all, a sturdy and well-built roof always looks great on a roof certificate, which will in turn help boost your home’s resale value. This certificate contains a detailed description of the roof’s maintenance history, a complete disclosure of its specifications, and the expected life expectancy of the roof. A roof certificate is useful in making insurance claims and for proving adherence to local “green initiatives” such as those from the Colorado Green Building Guild.

If you’re after the best results, then it only makes sense to work with top Denver roofing companies. Meanwhile, if you have a vested interest in keeping your roof as green as possible, then you might want to choose roofing products from a certified green manufacturer.

(Article Excerpt and Image from GAF receives environmental certification for roofing products, Rubber & Plastics News, November 22, 2013)