DIY Don’ts and Why They Totally Matter

Who doesn’t love a DIY project? It brings a feeling of accomplishment to behold the work done with your own hands. Unless you’re a professional, the problem with DIY is you probably don’t have the skills to properly install windows or seamless gutters in Denver. Worse, you might have to spend even more on a do-over later.

There are many things better left in the hands of experts, but these are the most critical:


Among the DIY projects to avoid, the gutters are usually the most tempting to do. After all, it seems easy enough to get a length of gutter to replace an old or worn-out one, right? But apart from the danger of possibly falling off a ladder while you work, DIYing gutters risks messing up the specificity of your gutter system.

With over four decades of experience, we at AquaDuct Roof and Gutters can tell you that the system of gutters has to be specifically designed to the layout of your house and lot as well as the expected rainfall in your area. Anything less specific will make your gutter ineffective. So unless you get the exact same replacement and install it the exact same way, then you might be doing more harm than good.


Windows are another DIY project that many people think involves just a simple switch: just take the old one out and put a new one in, right? The problem here is that in order for the windows to be effective, they need to fit your openings precisely. In order for them to stay in place, the seals have to be done correctly. Windows are for more than just a view, after all. They regulate the temperature inside your home and contribute to its energy efficiency as well.

The replacement windows we at AquaDuct Roof and Gutters offer, for instance, are more than just glass. These already incorporate more modern vinyl in layers that prevent heat from penetrating a home during warmer months and, in the same vein, prevent heat from escaping during colder months. A crucial aspect for these to function properly is by sealing everything properly, and this requires an expert hand.

When you factor in the cost of a possible do-over, you’ll find that you might potentially be spending more. If a replacement job is critical, why not let the professionals at AquaDuct Roof and Gutters look it over? We offer not only an expert eye but also years of experience with window, siding, roof, and gutter replacement in Colorado Springs. Give us a call today.