Reroof or Tear Off: Lessons on Layering

For many people, layering their roofing may be unattractive, but “practical.” To them, it even makes sense. Shouldn’t their roofing in Colorado Springs be even more stable if one layer rests on an existing one? That is not the case, and there are many factors you need to consider before banking on layering.

It isn’t as stable.

The first thing that an expert roofer will tell you is that layering will not always end up being stable. That’s because no matter what you do, the underlying layer of shingles or tiles will always have an uneven surface. Anything placed on top of this will not sit well. It’s worse near the edge if any curling has occurred because the new shingles and tiles will not lie flat.

It’s heavy.

When your roof was installed, how much weight the rest of your home would be able to safely support was taken into consideration. When you layer on top of your existing roof, you essentially double the weight that your home’s structure has to bear. This means that you’re probably going to have to spend more on repairing other parts of the house down the road.

It doesn’t solve problems.

Those in favor of layering will say that it also fixes leaks and other damage. This is only true to a certain degree because only some of the holes will be plugged. The instability described earlier means that the new layers of shingles or tiles aren’t going to be flush with each other in certain areas, so water is still going to seep through.

Reroof right.

When all is said and done, though, the real heart of the issue is affordability. Most people turn to reroofing and layering because they want to save on costs. AquaDuct Roof and Gutters is a certified CertainTeed SELECT ShingleMaster™. This means we were given CertainTeed’s highest roofing credential after meeting their strict requirements for longevity, professional qualification, and insurance. This means you can count on us to do a job that will help you save more in the long run.

We at AquaDuct Roof and Gutters will help you figure out the most economical way to handle your roofing problems. We bring many years of experience coupled with top-of-the-line roofing products to cover any and every possible Colorado Springs roofing. Call us at today.