Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs

Toney-complete AquaDuct Roof and Gutters offers prompt, professional repair of roofing in Colorado Springs, CO, and throughout metro Denver. Whether you have wind-damaged shingles, hail damage that has taken its toll, or leaks due to ice damming, we’re here to help.

Filing an Insurance Claim for Repair of Roofing in Colorado Springs

If you have homeowner’s insurance and your roof is determined to be damaged, you can file a claim and have your roofing replaced for the cost of your deductible. Here are some important points to keep in mind when dealing with an insurance claim.

  • Once an inspection request has been filed, an adjuster will make an appointment to assess the damage. He will compile measurements, take photographs and use a computer program to determine the dollar amount it should cost to replace your roof. The amount is based on a series of information ranging from size, average material costs, average labor costs in our area and your deductible. If the claim is granted, you will receive a report within a week or two by mail, sometimes with a check to handle the initial payment for a contractor.
  • Insurance companies work closely with roofing contractors to keep prices fair and realistic on a nationwide level. Almost every policy will provide enough money to have your roof replaced by a reputable company, minus your policy deductible. There are special types of roofs and other add-ons that can exceed the cost of your deductible, but generally speaking you will always pay the amount your policy determines.
  • Since roofing prices are set by the insurance companies, prices remain fairly uniform across the industry. If someone offers to give you back your deductible, you should be very cautious! The only way to accomplish this is by lying to the insurance company (insurance fraud) or performing work that does not meet standard building codes.
  • Since all honest Denver roofing companies will still charge you the cost of your deductible, it is important to find a contractor you trust and with a good reputation, rather than the cheapest bid. Chances are if you go with the “cheapest option,” you will not get any of the money back and will be getting a sub-standard job. Shop for quality and value, not dollar amounts.

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To schedule a FREE estimate for roofing your Colorado Springs home, call AquaDuct Roof and Gutters anytime. Not certain whether you need new roofing? That’s OK too – we’re the roofing contractors Denver homeowners turn to for honest, dependable advice. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and explain our findings in detail. Contact AquaDuct today at (719) 390-7663. For more information on our service areas, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Peyton, Castle Rock and Pueblo, kindly visit our Contact Us page.