Milgard composite windows in Parker COWindows

If your home’s windows are failing, the purchase of replacement windows in Colorado Springs can greatly reduce heating and cooling expenses, as well as increase the overall value of your home. Though this sort of home improvement project can be daunting and often carries a sizable price tag, AquaDuct can simplify the process and help you keep costs within your budget.

How to Choose the Right Replacement Windows in Denver

Here are the most important factors that will influence your purchase and help you find the best windows to meet your needs.

  • Window location. When selecting windows, always keep in mind the area of the home where each window will be located. Write down the location of each window you want to replace, and its functions. Do you need good air circulation in that area, or is security a more important consideration? Do you need to be able to open and clean the window? Is low maintenance important? Prioritizing the functions of the window will help you choose the best replacement for your needs.
  • Energy efficiency. Windows in Denver are often the cause of major heat loss, discomfort and condensation problems. Today’s energy-efficient window options have dramatically reduced these issues. Use ENERGY STAR® ratings to find the window that satisfies your requirements for energy savings. Keep in mind that these ratings can also make you eligible for tax credits.
  • Storm windows. Storm windows not only protect against Colorado weather, they also add an extra layer of insulation to your home. Some studies estimate they reduce heat and cooling loss by more than 30%. If energy-efficient windows are out of your price range, adding storm windows could be a good alternative.

We’re use AAMA Certified Window Installers

By employing local installers certified by the American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA), AquaDuct has met stringent standards for training and performance. Our attention to how our products are installed and the follow-up service are great reasons to partner with us for your home improvement project.

Call for a Quote on Replacement Windows in Denver

AquaDuct’s experienced team installs major window brands including MilGard, Plygem and Simonton Windows®. Give us a call today at (303) 778-7663 to learn more about the quality products and superior service we offer. You’ll be glad you did!

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